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What about us? We are a team of industrial designers trying to bring together manufacturers with final customers. Whether you are a material manufacturer, a furniture contractor or any product manufacturer and need our services or collaboration with our team, this is the team you always asked for. We are based in Athens | Greece and collaborate with firms all over the world. Let us learn from your experience and use this knowledge along with our creativity and innovative spirit for your own benefit.

We have production experience from woodworking, chipboard manufacturing and steelwork and still study day by day, new materials and ways to use them smarter. We can offer complete solutions, integrated and customized for your own production and vise versa. So even if you are the final customer and have specific needs and specifications for a product, we have the collaborates and of course the knowledge to produce your “targets” in the most economical, innovative and fast way possible. We are the starters of the new era in design and the most creative “dream producers”, powered by your needs and our history in production lines.

When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it.”
Steve Mcqueen 1930-1980

BONIS PantelisFounder | Head Designer
VASILIKARIS NickMarketing Dpt
KOURKOULIS KostasTechnical Operations
MANOUKI Despina DimitraPsychologist Msc


the paths that lead to prospec|designs
  • 1998
  • 2000
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
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  • 2014
  • 2015

Bonis Pantelis attends the CAD Industrial Design Public College in Alimos Athens and graduates with the 1st price within his class.

Bonis Pantelis starts working for a steelworks company for the next 8 years and this is where he starts working alongside Dimitris Lellos for the first time. They share common interests in multiple matters like computers, design and innovative futuristic ideas. During the years of steelworks manufacturing, they bond through daily projects and overcome numerous...

Dimitris Lellos graduates from Brunnel University as a mechanical engineer.

George Tzikoulis graduates from University of Larissa Wood and Furniture Design & Technology Department ...

Bonis Pantelis starts working for CCS SA as a product manager (AceCad Software) for the Greek Territory. There gets the first chance to work with professionals in Software Development and Business Marketing. Also collaborates with worldwide dealers and distributors of Steelworks Software. George Tzikoulis starts working as an industrial designer for Texyl in multiple custom commercial projects. This is where he gets experience from exotic woods fabrication and lacquering.

George Tzikoulis starts working for IRVEN Furniture Solutions and this his main entrance in high-end production lines.

Bonis Pantelis starts collaborating with IRVEN Furniture Solutions as a furniture designer along with George Tzikoulis. It is the first contact of them and the ideas that came up where the future bond. In this production line is where they both collaborated along with the technical director of IRVEN Furniture Solutions, Chris Ventouras, with huge steps forward in terms of production lines and innovation. After 10 years in steelworks fabrication, Dimitris Lellos starts his own company (Worx Constructions LTD) manufacturing Steel Buildings and heavyweight lifting and handling cranes. As a mechanical engineer he also provides certificates for cranes and its equipment.

The 1st concept of a Gaming Desk was designed and Bonis Pantelis created the first prototype together with George Tzikoulis in IRVEN Furniture Solutions. The feedback from gamers worldwide, upgrades the prototype's design to its final state and Bonis Pantelis started promoting the brand and the product itself.

Bonis Pantelis collaborates with multiple fabricators and meets the need of a psychologist in the team. It is the time when he meets Despina-Dimitra Manouki and embodies her in prospec designs in order to gain more from fabricators and their actual needs through their own personalities.

George Tzikoulis and Bonis Pantelis are chosen as prospec|designs to present their innovative idea by Cosmote for their futuristic idea. The Gaming Desk meets its first audience and the whole project is presented on multiple start-up companies and funders. The feedback is overwhelming. Most of the participants ask for more and more info which they get through internet and social media.

prospec designs is being registered as a company and starts distributing retail products along with several custom projects. The team by now is shown above.



Professionally Specificated Product Design & Trade P.C.

Commercial & Industrial Chamber of Athens Reg. No. : 300921
General Commercial Registry (GEMI) No.: 134707301000
VAT No.: EL800662187
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