We proudly announce our collaboration with TNT. During the last months we encountered damaged parcel deliveries all around the world with our previous collaborator. All those parcels have been destroyed by our previous delivery courier service we used to collaborate with and after they investigated the damages and accepted that they damaged the parcels due to poor handling, the parcels were returned to our facilities and are re-manufactured in order to beĀ delivered again safely to their owners.



Since we constantly try to upgrade our products and services, we decided to collaborate with TNT for safe deliveries and perfect condition of the delivered products.

For all those respected customers who experienced a damaged delivery with our previous delivery service, we will replace FREE OF CHARGE all the Gaming Desks, destroyed during UPS’ transfer to your place. Until then, you can find more information about the current status of your order in “My Orders” section of our site.

For any further information you can always contact us directly through our Contact Page.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused from the inefficiency of our previous collaborator and we promise to do our best to re-manufacture your order and re-send it to you.

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