Corporate Design

Corporate Design is offered as a service by our Agency, for furniture manufacturers worldwide. We have production experience from woodworking, chipboard manufacturing and steelworks and still study day by day, new materials and ways to use them smarter. We can offer complete solutions, integrated and customized for your own production and vise versa. So even if you are the final customer and have specific needs and specifications for a product, we have the collaborates and of course the knowledge to produce your “targets” in the most economical, innovative and fast way possible. We are the starters of the new era in corporate furniture design and the most creative “dream producers”, powered by your needs and our history in production lines.


You, as a manufacturer, provide the knowledge of your production capabilities, the target group of clients you wish to get and the price margin you wish to achieve. We are able to get all this information and provide a whole study for each piece of the series of furniture you need, including CNC programs and all required documents (assembly instructions, part lists, cut lists etc.). We provide support to each client during the prototyping stage and until the final piece is ready and optimized as much as possible for your production line. We also provide the required marketing needed for each product we design and study for you in order to help you with the promotion of the product itself.


We collaborate with the biggest firms worldwide in order to provide the best results and top rated products for you.

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