This is our FAQ. Here you will find answered the most Frequent Asked Questions. Search below the inquiries received until now and read the answers by yourself.

Most inquiries are answered here in our FAQ, but feel free to drop a question to us through our Contact Page if you cannot see you inquiry answered below.

What is the size of the Gaming Desks?

In each product’s page you are able to see the exact dimensions of each of our products as picture and included in the “Downloads” section in product documents. All sizes are given in the Metric System (M: meters, CM: Centimeters, MM: Millimeters) since we are based in Europe (Hellas). There are multiple conversion sites that you can change the numbers in the system you prefer.

Can I order a specific size or color match?

No, we do not accept custom orders for now. We hope that we will be able to accept such orders in the near future.

How much time for an order to be delivered?

There are multiple answers to this question. First of all, from time to time, due to production pressure from multiple orders, we have a lead time BEFORE the order starts being produced, of several business days (Monday to Friday). This lead time varies and you should read the Terms & Conditions page (ORDER LEAD TIME Paragraph) to be sure of the exact days of the lead time. After the lead time, there is a tentative time of 5 to 10 business days during the production and packaging of your order and at last the Dispatch to TNT for delivery. For destinations within the EU, TNT provides 5-8 business days and outside the EU, 6-10 days.

What is the material of the Gaming Desks?

All our Gaming Desks are manufactured from E1 Certified Wood Chipboard manufactured in Europe. They all have their Certifications and can be found in each product’s page in “Downloads” section. We only use Certified ECO-Friendly materials in order to be sure that you will receive a product that can be put in your houses. All our pallets too, that our products are shipped on, are certified that are disinfected for home use.

Are the Gaming Desks delivered assembled?

No, all our products are delivered in FlatPack (pieces that need to be assembled). Most of them require at least 2 adults to be assembled and some of them require basic knowledge of furniture assembly and home tools. You can see the requirements in the Assembly Instructions booklet of each product’s page in the “Downloads” section.

What does "Built2Order" mean?

All our products are built AFTER the order has been confirmed. This means that all our products are manufactured after the initial purchase has been confirmed in full. When the initial payment has been confirmed, the order gets a priority number in order to enter the lead time and reach production. There are no products in stock in order to provide our products in perfect condition.

Can I order a Limited Edition product that is "out of stock"?

No, all Limited Edition products are manufactured in specific quantities and are manufactured ONLY ONCE. This gives the ability to those products to be characterized as “Collectible” and so the number of those manufactured pieces is final and unique.

What is the final cost of my order?

Before finalizing your order, you have the ability to go to your cart, check the products you wish to order and by adding your address or create an account, and check the exact cost of your whole order, delivered to your door. So the easiest method is to add the products you wish to your cart, proceed to the cart and add your address.

Can I purchase a product on behalf of my Company?

No, since our company sells ONLY to retail customers for now. For business inquiries regarding Re-seller or Distributor options please get to the Contact Page and send us an inquiry.

Are there any Re-Sellers/Distribuitors in my Country?

In order to minimize delivery costs, many customers ask for Re-Sellers or Distributors in their area. For now, we do not have any collaboration with Re-Seller or Distributor in any country except Hellas.

In which countries do we sell?

We deliver our products to almost all countries in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. In order to be sure that our products are able to be delivered to you, add the products you wish in your cart, move to your cart and add your address. If you cannot find your country in the list provided then we are unable to deliver our products to you.

Can my Gaming Desk being sponsored by you?

We support Streamers and YouTubers worldwide. If you have a Stream/YouTube channel that you wish to have a Gaming Desk for personal use or Review, please contact us through our Contact Page with links to your channels and Social Media pages. We will be glad at least to find you and your channel if we do not know you already.

Are there any Reviews of your products online?

Currently we do not have any reviews online from any known review channel because we do not believe in paid or sponsored reviews. If we will have our products provided for review online, we will post the review link in our Blog.

Since the Company is Hellenic, why the site's language is in English?

Our company is based in Hellas (Greece) from 2012. We are collaborating with companies worldwide. Our e-Shop started in 2015 for retail customers outside Hellas only. By 2018, we are offering our products to the Hellenic Market too, along with all the countries we always used to sell too. Creating our website in Hellenic language should require to be translated in multiple other languages too. It is in our plans but for now, we only offer our website in Global Trade Language which is English.