Dear Friends,

Those are the first Post Quarantine News from PROSPEC DESIGNS. After the unplanned shut down of our facilities on 13th of March 2020, we re-opened our facilities and offices on 1st of July 2020 and we restarted the production. Practically, this unplanned shut-down due to the quarantine for the COVID-19 virus, kept our production facilities closed and paused all order production until 1st of July that we opened again. This is the reason why all our products are available ONLY for BACK-ORDERS. All orders confirmed after 1st of July will be produced at the start of January 2021 since we have to produce all orders that were confirmed before the unplanned quarantine shut-down.

Furthermore, even though TNT has done incredibly good in managing the existing deliveries worldwide, we need time in order to handle the demand and not cut off the quality of each of our creations. Please make sure that you read all the Terms and Conditions that you have to accept in case of a possible order. You can read everything that you have to follow in order to proceed with an order and you can find all this information HERE. In addition make sure you read the Privacy Settings of our company and the usage of our website AND/OR e-Store HERE.

Everything you need to know and most of the most sent questions of customers/users worldwide are already answered here. Please make sure you search for a question you might have before contacting our Customer Care Dpt for saving time HERE. All questions answered in this section will not be replied again through the contact option in our website.

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