If you are interested in one of our Gaming Desks, now is the time to take advantage of the 200€ discount with the PreOrder Season option. Read below the Terms & Conditions of the PreOrder Season for the R2s Gaming Desks.

1) Deliveries will start on 15th February 2016. The deliveries will get priority based on the date of the first (1st) acquisition or declaration of interest by the users.

2) Users that have already added R2s & R2 (each & every color combination included) before 15th December 2015, when PreOrder Season sets active, will gain priority on delivery, ONLY IF they complete a purchase during the PreOrder Season.

3) All orders that will be completed during the PreOrder Season, will gain advantage of the discounted price that is posted on the e-shop.

4) Prices are already shown with and without taxes. Prices with TAX are shown for EU countries and prices without TAX are for buyers resided outside EU.

5) The shipping cost will be available to all of you who will have registered an account with your complete details, and by 15th of December 2015, when the PreOrder Season sets active.

6) The Discounts are subtracted from the unit price and NOT the delivery cost.

7) Prices of the products shown on the eShop, include the PreOrder Discount, for as long as the Pre-Order Season is active AND the predefined quantity of Pre-Order products has not been acquired.

8) PreOrders can be placed only for the products on the Pre-Order Series (all color combinations available).

9) The quantity of the Pre-Order Products that will be able to gain the PreOrder Season discount, will be five hundred pieces (500), unless PROSPEC DESIGNS decides to add more during the Pre-Order Season.

NOTICE: All of you who already added to the wishlist the R2s Gaming Desks & R2 Gaming Desks you are interested in, will gain priority on delivery, by the date and time you added it to your wishlist, ONLY if you complete a purchase during the PreOrder Season. All other completed orders will be put under the priority list, of those who will complete a purchase during the PreOrder Season and only if there are available quantities left.